Writerly Round-Up: February Edition

This Valentine’s Day I’d like to show a little love to some blogs that I follow (and you should, too!). I haven’t shared these blogs previously, so it’s definitely time to highlight them. I also want to give a shout-out to two authors who recently appeared on the other blog I manage (the WVWC MFA blog). One of these authors recently had a book published, and the other has a book forthcoming this April. You will definitely want to keep an eye out for their current and upcoming work.

If my readers have any topics of interest they want to know about in these Writerly Round-Ups or if you have writing tips to share, please message me. I’m always eager for great writing topics for further exploration and discussion. Enjoy this month’s Writerly Round-Up, and happy Valentine’s Day!

Two Blogs You Should Visit

Don’t Call Me Marge—Unlike me, the writer behind this blog posts quite regularly, and in addition to being a talented writer, she has a fantastic sense of humor. If you follow her, you will never read a boring post. You will learn about everything from her life, her cats, her general take on the weird and interesting times we live in, and maybe—just maybe—you’ll learn if knitting can cure PTSD.

Page of Julia—If you like websites like Goodreads and you want to know what others think of books they’ve read, “Pages of Julia” is just the type of blog you need to follow. Julia reads voraciously, and she blogs about every book, providing a book summary, her likes, her dislikes, the connections she makes, and the lessons she draws from the pages. Julia posts quite regularly, so be sure to check her out.

Two Authors You Don’t Want to Miss

Lara Lillibridge on Writing and Family—Lara is a very talented new writer, and her first book, Girlish: Growing Up in a Lesbian Home, comes out this spring. In the linked post, Lara explores the concept of what it means to write about family and what kinds of responses she gets from those family members.

A Q&A with Jessie van Eerden—Jessie is the director of my MFA program, and she recently published a collection of portrait essays called The Long Weeping. I had the opportunity to interview her recently about the essays in this book, her writing life and advice for others, and what she’s reading now.


Me and my copy of “The Long Weeping”

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