Dusting Off the Keyboard

I exist. I plan to write more. Where have I been? I had a baby, which means life as I once knew it will never be the same (and I now have a whole world of new stories to tell!).

Despite how it may appear to readers of this blog, I have actually been writing. I type up weekly personal updates on my son (personal because I find it fascinating what flavor of solid food he is enjoying each week, but not everyone finds this as fascinating as me–I recognize this). I have also been writing quite a bit for work. I’m on the fence about how much to share of my work writing here, but if a work article has broader appeal, I’ll probably link to it.

In writing-related news, I encourage anyone and everyone to take the 30-day Write_On challenge for National Letter Writing Month this April. I did the challenge last year and loved it (admittedly, I might have cheated because I had several thank-you cards to write to generous family and friends for their baby shower gifts, so I already had a head start on getting to 30). I doubt I’ll be able to take the challenge this year with a nine-month-old grabbing for my pen, but I look forward to taking it on again (perhaps with my son!) in the coming years.

While I’m not sure how much my son will factor into my future public writing, I do want to conclude this post with the first photo he ever took (when he got hold of his father’s phone). Art in whatever form it presents itself (writing, painting, photography, etc.) will be a part his life, and I’m really looking forward to that. (Science will be there, too, thanks to his dad’s veterinary background!) Well-rounded–that’s our goal.


I like his composition on this.

Hopefully, I’ll be back with another update soon!

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