Total Confusion

Have you ever wanted to make a decision but somehow felt completely confused and incapable of making any move at all? It’s certainly not an uncommon feeling. And then – if you are lucky enough to make a decision – have you been stopped in your tracks almost immediately?

It happened to me tonight. I tried to find a name for this blog. Who knew that this one essential step in the blogging process would be so difficult? My own personal, given-at-birth name was taken. Apparently, Megan is a common name. When that fell through, I tried for a name that might have some meaning to me. Again, no luck.

To complicate matters, I didn’t really want to add numbers. It was just a personal preference. And yes, I think I was overthinking this – a common characteristic of my personality.

Finally, I turned to song titles. “Take a Giant Step” and “Shades of Gray” came to mind, and they both seemed to describe where I would like to go with my writing and this blog. And of course, both options were taken. Lucky for me, I own a thesaurus – or rather, a computer with a thesaurus. And just like that – 20-30 mind-numbing minutes later, I have a blog and a blog name.

We’re off to an interesting start.

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