Get Up and Move a Bit

I realized recently that I sit at a desk all day during the work week. And when I’m not at work, I’ve got a car that gets me to and from the office. For someone who used to run track and cross country in high school, my daily mobility these days is definitely a “bit” lacking. So, I’ve decided to change that.

Now before I pat myself on the back too much for my new “get up and move” mentality, I need to remind myself of what happened the last time I tried to add an activity like running to my list of hobbies. One day a “bit” ago – and I’d really rather not elaborate on how long ago a “bit” is – I decided to go for a run when I hadn’t been running at all in the year prior to this momentous decision. I got my running gear on, I stretched, and I started out. And within a matter of minutes, two things happened: I got lost and I started to feel awful (that kind of awful you feel when you have not run in at least a year and you suddenly take off to do a 5k).

I didn’t really know how far I would run, and once I realized I was lost, I decided to walk until I figured out where I was. And then once I figured out where I was, I decided I better run back to my starting point and call it a day. I jogged back and figured I must have been gone for quite a long time, and I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I looked at my watch. 15 minutes. I had been gone 15 minutes. And in that time, I had gotten lost and walked around in circles. It was not the most encouraging start to my “get up and move” strategy. In fact, it pretty much parked me for a “bit.”

Now I’m older and wiser, and I’ve decided to take on this “get up and move” idea again. And I’m going to do a better job this time. While I’m still making it up as I go along, at least I’m starting a “bit” more realistically: a mile run yesterday and a 3.2-mile bike ride today. I’m already off to a much better start – all two days of my exercise plan so far! (Yes, I realize I just said two days – but it’s a good start!)

Bike Ride

I stopped for water and a picture halfway through my bike ride in the rain.

And I’ve also got some great inspiration this time, too:

And if all of that doesn’t work, my sister is a marathon runner. Yes, sibling rivalry is a strong motivator. If she can run 26.2 miles, I can get up and do a “bit,” too.

3 thoughts on “Get Up and Move a Bit

  1. This is a great post! I sit at my desk too for so long sometimes and it can be really bad for you..Also the trail that you bike on looks really pretty! Thanks for the great info

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