If You Love It, Do It

In June 2013, I wrote a post about how I love to write, but for some reason, I just wasn’t blogging. And I asked myself the question, what holds you back? I decided it was fear – fear of not writing anything good. After that post, I did a pretty good job of blogging every few weeks for almost a year, but then last April (April 30, 2014, to be exact), I wrote my last post for a very long time.

So, what happened? Did I lose my computer? Did I run out of things to say? Did I get overcome by fear again? Nope, I did something pretty cool: I decided that I loved writing so much that I needed to go after my life’s goal of publishing a book. And to that end, I started a graduate program to earn my MFA in creative nonfiction. I have lots of stuff that I want to do with this MFA, but writing a book is definitely high on that list. Since last April, I’ve been writing like crazy. I’ve been super busy reading lots of books, writing lots of stuff for my MFA program, and generally doing lots of things that I hope to have a chance to blog about in the coming months.

Writing is my passion. When I was little (maybe 5 years old), I used to write simple stories on notebook paper and publish them between two pieces of cardboard. I would then put wrapping paper over the cardboard and call it my published book. Some 25+ years later, that’s still my goal: write a book.

My sister's gift

My sister’s gift

Over the holidays this year, my sister gave me something truly spectacular, something I don’t intend to use until I actually reach that goal of publishing my first book: a special quill pen and an ink well. Writers love really cool pens, and I’m using this pen as additional motivation to go out and finish my book. How? Well, when I do finish the book, I will sign copies of it with this special pen. I may only sign five copies (to those five family members who feel compelled to buy my book!), but hey, it’s going to happen – I’m going to write that book.

In the meantime, however, as I work toward this publishing goal, I am also aware that I can and should publish much more regularly on this blog. As 2014 draws to a close, I’m recommitting myself to my annual resolution: stay connected. With the start of 2015, I will start my second semester of my MFA program, and although I will be very busy, I am determined to stay connected to this blog and write a little bit more in 2015.

So, keep reading, keep checking back to see how my writing life is progressing, and keep looking for that post one day down the road when I get to officially say that I used my sister’s gift to sign my name to my very first published book.

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