Changin’ It Up


Because all posts need an image, here’s my cute doggy. Her name is Lucy, and she loves to play fetch. More posts about her forthcoming.

I admit it. I’m not so good at keeping this blog updated. How long has it been since my last entry? I have found it challenging to work toward an MFA in creative writing and keep up a blog at the same time (and work a full-time job). Let’s just not talk about why I couldn’t keep it up before I started the MFA program. I have no excuses there (well, there is that full-time job). Anyway, the good news is that as I near the end of my MFA program, I’m eager to give a bit more time and energy to this blog. Hopefully, this means more posts more often.

In the meantime, the whole look and feel of this website will be changing a bit. I’m attempting to turn it into more of a website with a landing page, ads-free pages, and such. Since I openly admit that my writing medium is print journalism, the web is definitely a new area for me. I’m not exactly illiterate when it comes to the web (I do have a Facebook page, after all), but taking time to really learn the ins and outs of wordpress for a more robust site will be a learning curve. If you come to my site and it looks totally different, I either made a big mistake or I’m just playing around with new looks. Bear with me! When I finally get this right, I think it will be worth the growing pains.

In the meantime, enjoy some previous post that I think deserve another round of life:

One last thing—the name of this blog will be changing as well. If I can keep “Shades of Indistinct” as part of it somehow, I will, but as I (hopefully) publish more widely under my own name, I’d like the blog to reflect that name: Megan Mallory Martin.

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