Procrastinating with Veterinary Work

As I go about revamping my website, I’m struggling with updating the “About” section. I’m supposed to share who I am, what great stuff I’ve done, and where I’ve published. Right? Well, I like me, I’ve done some cool stuff, and I’m still working on publishing. But how do I put all that into words? I’d rather just blog.

So, as I procrastinate and continue to ponder what professional stuff to write in the “About” section, I thought I would revisit two blog posts from the past that give a sense of me in a very un-me situation. In 2014, my dear friend Dr. B, a large-and-small-animal veterinarian, agreed to take me along on his farm calls one weekend. I’m from a small college town, and by the spring of 2014, I had been living in the D.C. area for about 10 years. (For better or worse, this means that the closest I’d ever come to a farm was a field trip in the third grade—just to be clear.) But I’m also up for adventure, so I thoroughly relished the opportunity to tag along with Dr. B.

What came next was an experience I won’t soon forget, and I wrote about it in two blog posts. Here are my posts from that weekend when I had my own “All Creatures Great and Small” adventures:

Now for the plot twist. Fast-forward to December 2016, and Dr. B and I have been married for a little over a year. Did you pick up on the chemistry when I was holding the cow’s tail in the above blog posts?!? Obviously, I did not do stellar work on the farms that day in 2014, but thankfully, Dr. B didn’t marry me for my farming abilities (sadly, I don’t even have a green thumb). I’m a modern-day Helen Herriot (if Helen were a writer with limited knowledge of livestock), and I’m determined to be the best Helen Herriot possible for Dr. B. This might include sharing our adventures in future blog posts about my (hopefully) growing knowledge of farms and veterinary work. Stay tuned.

Now if only I could write my “About” section.


A baby cow

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